Wednesday, March 20, 2013

TGD - FDR & The New Deal

1. Who was FDR?
FDR was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He had a "can-do" attitude, a friendly personality, and a high-level of confidence that attracted voters.

2. Who were FDR's carefully-picked advisers, and why were they important to the president?
FDR chose professors, lawyers, and journalist to be his advisers for the Brain Trust. They helped him strategize for new policies.

3. What was the New Deal?
 The New Deal was a program that alleviated problems for the Great Depression. It was named after a speech he had said.

4. What three goals  did the New Deal attempt to address?
The New Deal attempted to address three goals which were relif for the needy, economic recovery, and finacial reform.
5.What was the first action FDR took as president?
FDR closed all the banks and had inspectors come in to check on each bank. If you could pay your bills then you were allowed to reopen, and if not you remained closed until you could.

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