Tuesday, March 19, 2013

President Hoover

    Herbert Hoover, a Republican president at the beginning of the Great Depression, was ineffective in his response because of his incapability to run the country successfully and his refusal to support direct relief or other forms of federal welfare. Things like that got the public angry especially farmers because of how low he made the price of there crops. Farmers burned their corn, wheat and dumped their milk on highways rather than sell it for a loss. Some farmers refused to work their fields. They even blocked roads to prevent food from getting to the market so that the food shortages would raise the prices. During that time the farmers had used force to prevent foreclosure.
    Other people like the ones in the Bonus Army marched up their and demanded for their money. The Bonus Army consisted of World War I veterans and their families. They were called communist and criminals, were attacked by gas bombs, and their tents were set on fire which made people furious having them dislike Hoover even more.

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