Thursday, March 14, 2013

1. Describe the Dust Bowl; What caused it?
The Dust Bowl picked up millions of tons of dust carrying it from the plains to the East coast cities. It was caused because they used up all the plains taking out the grass for over-farming of crops which then made the grasslands unsuitable for farming. So when the drought began, the Dust Bowl occured.

2. Describe how TGD affected: A. child
ren, B. families, C. women, D. men, E. people of color.
B. Since money was tight for families many families entertained themselves by staying at home and playing board games, such as Monopoly and listened to radio.
D. Men had diffculty finding working and searching for their families. Some men became hoboes.
E. African Americans and Latinos were the lowest paid and had the highest rate of unemployment. They dealt with increasing racial violence from unemployed whites competing for the same job. Latinos were targeted and demanded by whites to be deported, or expelled from the country.
3. Who were "hoboes", and how did they travel?
They were people who did not settle and wandered the country hitching rides on railroad boxcars and sleeping under bridges.
4. What was an enduring effect on people because of TGD?

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