Monday, March 4, 2013

People Places and Events

1. What are some of the belifs held by fundamentalists?
Fundamentalists believed the Bible was inspired by God, and that therefore its stories in all there details was true. There belifs made them reject the theory of evolution which was said by Charles Darwin due to there skepticalness about of scientific knowledge.
2. The Scopes Trial challenged what law?
The Scopes Trial challenged the law of teaching evolution and the role of science and religion in public schools and american society.

3. The "double standard" created two different behavior rules for who?
It createed two different behavior rules for men and women.

4. Why did Charles Lindbergh become famous? Louis Armstrong?
Charles Lindbergh was the first nonstop solo transantlantic flight and Louis Armstrong was famous for jazz.
5. What was the Harlem Renaissance?
The Harlem Renaissance in New York was a literary and artistic movement celebrating african american culture.

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