Friday, May 31, 2013

American Teenager

1. How did the lives of teenagers change after TGD and WWII?
      They had money in their pocket and the American buisness such as music and movies industries took advantage.

2. What is "White Flight?" Was it good for society ?
Isolate themselves from other race and classes. It was not good for society.

3. Why did Mexican immigrate to the U.S. before the 1950's?

American Dream

1. What were some causes for the baby boom?
Husbands and wifes got together after war, large families were desirable, decreasing marrige age, advance in medicine and economic prosperity.

2. What did American have to do in order to support all the new babies being born?
New toys, more schools= more teachers also the need for child care.

3. How did roles of women change in the 1950's?
Hd work, and started to attend college.

4. What changes allowed the American car explosion to occur?
Gasoline was cheap and it was easy to get cars because easy credit scores, and advertising. The built of new freeway systems.

Pop Culture

1. What media exploded in the 50's and how did business?
Television industry exploded and business reacted to the explotion by advertising, TV dinner, and TV Guide was introduced.

2. Why did critics not like television?
Because of sterotypical portrayal of women and minorities, effects on the children, male characters outnumber women characters, and did not say the truth of American

3. What's so ironic about rock and roll music in the 1950's?
Elvis Presley developed his music style by singing in the church and listening to gospel but people thought that it was the devil's music also they thought that teenage girls are going to get pregnant and all teenagers are going to rebel.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Baby BOOM!

1. What were some causes of the baby boom?
Many men that came from WWII reuniting wwith their missed wives.

2. What did Americans have to do in order to support all the new babies being born?
They had to make more schools, toys, daycares, and similacks.

3.How did roles of women changed in the 1950's?
Women started working outside of the home and started going to college.

4. What changes allowed the American car explosion to occur?
When people moved to the subarbs there jobs and doctors offices weren't walking distance so they needed cars to get there and back. Also, they built the new freeway systems.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Post WWII America

1. Why were Americans afraid of the Soviet Union?
        Soviet Union started Communism, and the U.S. is the opposite of communism.

2. What did the Soviet Union want in Europe?
        They want Communism and want the government to control everything.
                                            (the chat below shows more info for questions 2 &3)
3. What did the Americans want in Europe?

        They want free elections; Democracy. Also want a new world order in which all nations had the right of self-determination

Japense Internment and Justice

1. What does the word "internment" mean?
         Put people in concentration camp during war time.

2. Why were Japanese-American interned in Manzanar?
         Because of Pearl Harbor attack.

3. Why were Japanese internment policies wrong?
         They took away their freedom. Their citizenship was taken if they did not stay in the concentration camp. they had a stable life before camp and when out of camp they had nothing.

The End of WWII

1. Was Gen. MacArthur a successful general? Explain with evidence.
       Yes because he successfully led Allies troops to Batann, Leyte, Iowa Jima and got the Prime Minister Hideki Tojo to surrender Japan.

2. Explain how successful the G.I. Bill was to returning soldiers.
       College education and training for the veterans paid for by the Federal government. Loans guarantees to veterans buying homes or farms or starting new businesses.

3. Why were Mexicans in L.A. unfairly treated after the war?
       Because 11 sailors said that they were attacked by zoot-suits Mexicans Americans and that caused zoot-suits to be beaten senseless because of prejudice.

U.S. Get Ready for the Fight

1. Who was Philip Randolph, and why did he and the President Roosevelt meet?
          Philip Randolph was the President and founder of the Brother of Sleeping Car Porters and the nation's most respected African-American labor leader. He and President Roosevelt met because he lead a march for African-American to fight for their country.

2. Who were the WAACs, and why were they important to the war effort?
          Women's Auxiliary Army Corps. They perform duties that a female does better such as nurses, ambulance drivers,radio operators, electricians, and pilots (anything not involving direct combat).

3. How well did African-American do during WWII?
          They were segregated and were not allowed to join the army, but thanks to Randolph they have job opportunities.

WWII in the Pacifc

1. Who promised to"return" to liberate the Philippines?
          Gen. Douglas MacArthur

2. What reasons did the POTUS  use for using atomic bomb?
          To save thousands of Americans lives and to bring an end to the war.

3. In 1942, why were the Allies Under-strength to fight Japan?
         The unpredictable weather made the U.S. pilots handicapped,and ill- prepared to fight against Japan

4. Were American submarines effective in the Pacific?Explain.
           Yes the submarines were effective in the Pacific because it destroyed 63% of Japans merchants in WWII.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

1. How did the lives of teenagers change after TGD and WWII? Explain.

2. What is "white flight?" Was it good for society?
The white flight is when The white flight was good for the white people but bad for the minorities such as African Americcans, Latinos, and Native Americans.

3. Why did many Mexicans immigrate to the U.S. before the 1950's?
Agriculture jobs