Wednesday, March 20, 2013

TGD - FDR & The New Deal

1. Who was FDR?
FDR was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He had a "can-do" attitude, a friendly personality, and a high-level of confidence that attracted voters.

2. Who were FDR's carefully-picked advisers, and why were they important to the president?
FDR chose professors, lawyers, and journalist to be his advisers for the Brain Trust. They helped him strategize for new policies.

3. What was the New Deal?
 The New Deal was a program that alleviated problems for the Great Depression. It was named after a speech he had said.

4. What three goals  did the New Deal attempt to address?
The New Deal attempted to address three goals which were relif for the needy, economic recovery, and finacial reform.
5.What was the first action FDR took as president?
FDR closed all the banks and had inspectors come in to check on each bank. If you could pay your bills then you were allowed to reopen, and if not you remained closed until you could.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

President Hoover

    Herbert Hoover, a Republican president at the beginning of the Great Depression, was ineffective in his response because of his incapability to run the country successfully and his refusal to support direct relief or other forms of federal welfare. Things like that got the public angry especially farmers because of how low he made the price of there crops. Farmers burned their corn, wheat and dumped their milk on highways rather than sell it for a loss. Some farmers refused to work their fields. They even blocked roads to prevent food from getting to the market so that the food shortages would raise the prices. During that time the farmers had used force to prevent foreclosure.
    Other people like the ones in the Bonus Army marched up their and demanded for their money. The Bonus Army consisted of World War I veterans and their families. They were called communist and criminals, were attacked by gas bombs, and their tents were set on fire which made people furious having them dislike Hoover even more.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

1. Describe the Dust Bowl; What caused it?
The Dust Bowl picked up millions of tons of dust carrying it from the plains to the East coast cities. It was caused because they used up all the plains taking out the grass for over-farming of crops which then made the grasslands unsuitable for farming. So when the drought began, the Dust Bowl occured.

2. Describe how TGD affected: A. child
ren, B. families, C. women, D. men, E. people of color.
B. Since money was tight for families many families entertained themselves by staying at home and playing board games, such as Monopoly and listened to radio.
D. Men had diffculty finding working and searching for their families. Some men became hoboes.
E. African Americans and Latinos were the lowest paid and had the highest rate of unemployment. They dealt with increasing racial violence from unemployed whites competing for the same job. Latinos were targeted and demanded by whites to be deported, or expelled from the country.
3. Who were "hoboes", and how did they travel?
They were people who did not settle and wandered the country hitching rides on railroad boxcars and sleeping under bridges.
4. What was an enduring effect on people because of TGD?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Technology in the 1920s

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Teapot Dome Scandal

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Labor Unions

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1. Prohibition was banning of alcohol.

2. The group that were responsible for the ide of Prohibition was Socila Reformers (Church-affiliated, Anti-Saloon League).

3.Their reasons for prohibition were that alcohol led to crimes, wife and child abuse, accidents on the job, and other social problems.

4. People get illegal alcohol by underground.

5. My opinion is that i dont really care but its a bad idea because people are going to it regardless, just like people still smoke marijuana even though it's illegal.

Monday, March 4, 2013

People Places and Events

1. What are some of the belifs held by fundamentalists?
Fundamentalists believed the Bible was inspired by God, and that therefore its stories in all there details was true. There belifs made them reject the theory of evolution which was said by Charles Darwin due to there skepticalness about of scientific knowledge.
2. The Scopes Trial challenged what law?
The Scopes Trial challenged the law of teaching evolution and the role of science and religion in public schools and american society.

3. The "double standard" created two different behavior rules for who?
It createed two different behavior rules for men and women.

4. Why did Charles Lindbergh become famous? Louis Armstrong?
Charles Lindbergh was the first nonstop solo transantlantic flight and Louis Armstrong was famous for jazz.
5. What was the Harlem Renaissance?
The Harlem Renaissance in New York was a literary and artistic movement celebrating african american culture.