Friday, December 21, 2012

The New American Immigrants

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1. Which was NOT a reason why native-born Americans encouraged Americanization?
B. Native-born Americans wanted the immigrants to practice their customs 

2. What were cities most like for the new immigrants coming to America?
 C. Immigrants would most likely have had to dodge horse manure 

3. What would best describe the cities to a new immigrant?
A. Pocketpickets and thieves were plenty 

4. Why did immigrants move to the cities in the first place?
D. A & B only 

5. People moved from the farms to the cities because?
B. Farming technology improved

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Labor Unions Emerging

Based upon what I have read, labor unions were good for the workers, but bad for the employers because workers fought for their rights, while employers lost money to pay the workers more. The Triangle Trade was a sweatshop in which 146 seamstresses died because of a fire that engulfed everything on the upper floors because of all the flammable products that occupied the space. These fires could have been prevented by having a sprinkler system, and left the emergency doors open. Monopolists did not want unions because because they would lose money. The union workers fought for a better pay, so the monopolists had to give them more money. Therefore, monopolists hired scabs: people who were willing to be paid less to work. Unionized workers did not like scabs because scabs took the workers jobs and defeated the purpose of the union going on strike. Many factory and sweatshop owners did not like the vision of unions like the IWW because they felt that those types of organizations would overpower the capitalist system. That would mean the rich would be treated the same as the poor if organizations like the IWW would have enough power over their employers.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Hopelessly Bound to the Stake

The three pieces of information I chose that supported the cartoon were how Laborers
were forced to work fourteen to sixteen hour work days in order to fulfill their expecations of there boss, they worked in unsafe
conditions with people possibly dying and getting hurt, and they were payed very very little even though worked in such dangerous places. These made labor unions necessary becuase due to the bad treatment, the unions got together to fight for better treatment as in working conditions. They also workwed to get higher wagers and shortewr working days. The goverment helped make monopolies since the industralist were the ones that brought them money and helped them make the laws. The money in poltics contributed to freedom of speech and this cartoon on how monopolist controlled workers out workering them.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Are the Old Bosses Still in Charge?

The rise of industry and monopolies had three main causes. The growth was a cause that was due to wealth people had with their natural resources. The second cause was how the government supported bussiness especially when companies gave them money. Like when the Sherman Antitrust Act was made companies went straight to the government giving them money and telling them what they wanted so that the law was weak giving them away to do whatever they wanted. The third cause was the growing population which enabled them to make more money since more things were needed. With the growing population everything was made and done cheaper but were put on the markets expensive. Trusts and monopolies during America’s early industrial age allowed the workers to do things unsafely so they wouldn’t have to spend more money making things safer in the refinery’s.