Friday, January 11, 2013

Unit Exam Study Guide

Imigrants in the 1870's arrived via what mode of transportation?

What technology most allowed factories aloowed factories to locate away fro the river?

The #1 strategy that made Andrew Carnegie wealthy was to be cheaper than his competitors. True or False?

The main imiigration processing station in San Fransico was called...
Angel Island

Tammany Hall was a famous: immigration processing station, NYC political machine, or Chicago business?
NYC political machine

What law was enacted to decrese Chinese immigration to U.S.?
Chinese Exclusion Act

These people were used to break up labor strikes by working for less money.

What would best reduce monopolies and trusts? Consiliidation, competition, or corruption.

The main purpose of Americanization movement was to...
Assimilate immigrants into the dominate "American Culture"

New immigration move here because it was cheap and lots of jobs

The Sherman Antitrust Act was created to do what?
Outlaw trusts and monopolies that interferred with competition

Settlement houses helped new immigrants assimilate. who made these houses: reformers, politicians, workers

This industrialist made vertical and horizontal integration famous...
Andrew Carnegie

The smaller men in the room are..
United States Senators

Many rich people believed they worked hard, were smarter, and God selected them is called...
Social Darwinism

This new metal allowed the U.S. to make skycrapers and new forms of constructions?

An old apartment usually occupied by poor people was called a...

Upton Sinclair wrote his book on what industry...
Meatpacking industry, meat, slaughterhouse

The Trinagle Shirtwaist Factory was infamous for what?
A shameful fire that killed 146 women

Upton Sinclair's book The Jungle was resonsible for this law...
Meat Inspection Act

Patronage is: a bribe, not doing what you say, putting a friend into a job
Putting a friend into a job

The illegal use of political power for personal gain is: nativism, graft, social darwinism

Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) was organized by...
Radical unionists, socialists

The Gentlemen's Agreement did what?
decreased Japanese immigration and/or desegregated SF classrooms

The company Credit Mobiler was famous for what?
Steal/take money from railroads for shareholders

Which industry would most benefit by standardized time zones: telegraph, railroad, construction.
Railroads to help train travelers

The Sherman Antitrust Act was created to do what?
Outlaw trusts and monopolies that interfered with competition.

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