Friday, January 18, 2013

Spanish-American War

a. Why did Jose Marti destroy U.S. property?

b. Who did the de LOme letter criricize? What were the consequences? How did this private letter become public?
A Cuban rebel had stolen the letter from a Havana post office and gave it to the New York Journal, which was a scandalous newspaper company. In the letter de LOme critized the president calling him a weak and a bidder for admiration of the crowd. When everyone found out about his letter he appoligized and resigned.

c. Who was the "winner" of the Spanish-American War, and what were the winnings?
America beat the Spanish in the war and won Philippines, Guam in the Pacific, and Puerto Rico in the West Indies.

d. How was the Spanish-American War connected with American Imperialism?

e. How was the war started? Was it proper
 The letter started

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