Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Meat Inspection

Eating unheathly food produced by factories
Ate diesase infested food
There were requirements for meatpackers after the act.

Nauseating working
Sinclair wrote on the accounts of the meat factory conditions in The Jungle
President Roosevelt promised to fix conditions if proven true
Enviorment was unhealthy
Commission experts investigated the allegations made by Sinclair
The goverment had to pay for inspectors to insure there were healthy conditions due to the act
In office, Roosevelt  pushed the passage for The Meat Inspection Act when accounts were true
Outstandingly, the compromise won it's passage
Never the factories will the factories be disgusting again.

The Jungle
Essential Question 
Everyone including President Theodore Roosevelt was nauseated by Sinclair's accounts of the factories. He described the conditions in his book The Jungle which was a research novel made in 1904. The president had promised that if the accounts were true he would put in some action. Since the allegations he made were indeed true, the president responded by pushing for passage of the Meat Inspection Act that was eventually passed. Sinclair writing The Jungle made him a progressive since he wrote the book for change.


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