Tuesday, April 23, 2013

World War II Part 1

1. What treaty did Hitler hate? Why?

         The treaty of Versailles because the treaty blamed Germany for starting the war which caused anger and resentment.

2. Who became dictators during the 1930's, and for what country?
  • Joseph Stalin- Soviet Union
  • Adolf Hitler- Germany
  • Benito Mussolini- Italy
  • Francisco Franco- Spain
  • Hideki Tojo- Japanese
3. Explain similarities and differences among the dictators.
 Similarities                                                  Differences                                                                          
They are dictators                                       Benito Mussolini- Charismatic leader,Extreme Nationalist
                                                                  Joseph Stalin- Believed in revolution by worker, Communist                                                                    Adolf Hitler- Forceful leader, Extreme nationalist 

4. What was U.S. thinking as several wars were breaking out?
         Did not want to get involved in war because they suffered too much after WWI.

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