Tuesday, April 23, 2013

World War 2 Vocabulary



  1. Allies- Great britain, soviet Union and the U.S.
  2. Axis- Germany, Italy, Japan
  3. Defense spending- Military money 
  4. Unemployment rate- Percent of unemployment
  5. Federal outlay- U.S. Federal government lay out money 
  6. Rattlesnakes of the Atlantic- German U-boat
  7.  German U-boat-Submarines
  8. Isolationist- Country that does not want to get into war/arguments
  9. Appease- Give country what they want
  10. Lend-Lease Act- Allow president to lend weapons to certain countries
  11. Office of Price Administration- Agency established by Congress to control inflation
  12. Inflation- Price for everything increased uncontrollably
  13. http://goo.gl/rfIZU
    Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt- the president of the united states during World War II
  14. Press. Harry S. Truman- ?
  15. Phillip Randolph- a leaderof the african americans that helped get them equal rights
  16. Gen. Patton- ?
  17. Gen. MacArthur- Leading the war in Japan; for U.S.
  18. Gen. Eisenhower- Supreme Commander of the U.S. force
  19. Adolf Hitler- Dictator for Germany
  20. Benito Mussolini- Dictator for Italy
  21. Joseph Stalin- Dictator for Soviet Union
  22. Winston Churchill- a man
  23. Battle of the Bulge- Germany last attempt to win war in Europe
  24. D-Day- Invasion by the Allies; in Europe
  25. Auschwitz- Jews concentration camp
  26. Atomic bomb- Proped in Japan; first and last atomic bomb
  27. Intermet-In California put Japaneses people in camps during WWII 
  28. Income tax- Government takes money depending on income
  29. Wage and price control-
  30. War bonds-
  31. WAACs- Women's Auxiliary Army Corps; enables women to serve in noncombat position
  32. WWII Battles of the Pacific-
  33. Gl Bill of Rights- Servesmen's Readjustment Act; provides financial and educational benefits for WWII veterans
  34. Zoot-suit Riot- Racist fight in Los Angeles between white sailors and people of color

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