Thursday, November 8, 2012

Diary Entry #7

Dear Diary,
    It is December 4th, 1819 and here I am as my ghost telling you on how I feel about my 344 years of living. I always like to end things on a good and exciting note which is exactly what I did. I died in the arms of my new boyfriend, Nate. You may wonder how exactly I died... Well it was due to a forest fire that started a little past my town. It was a nice beautiful forest where he took me out to so that he could pronounce his love to me, which he got to. I am kind of sad that I ended things on a bad note with father since I disobeyed him by coming out to be with Nate. But in my eyes everything balances out and I know father loves me no matter what especially since I am gone. Now I will be watching over him and the town which I believe will improve over time. I believe that in about 200 years the land will be even more beautiful now because the fire will make them farm greatly. I will miss everyone and everything I've done. Bye diary this is my finally entry to you...

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